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Hamilton House and Gardens
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Hamilton House
Hamilton House Gardens
Hamilton House
and its
beautiful gardens
In 1787, Colonel Jonathan Hamilton built a magnificent home on the Salmon Falls River. He was a ship's captain during the Revolutionary War and had become wealthy shipping rum, molasses and slaves to America. Many ships docked on the Salmon Falls River and transported huge trees from the surrounding forests to Europe to build huge masts for their warships. Sawmills lined and clogged the river, which reduced the abundant salmon population. In 1839, Alpheus Goodwin bought the run down and treeless property. He ran a farm growing corn and beans, planted an orchard, and grazed sheep and cows in the meadows. The Goodwin family lived there for over 50 years raising a large family, but they were unable to keep the property in good repair. In 1898, Sarah Orne Jewett told her friend, Mrs. Tyson-Vaughan about a beautiful summer property available. Mrs. Vaughan bought and preserved the home, adding a summer porch and establishing elaborate gardens. This home became a gathering place for Boston's intellectual circle. It was the setting for Sarah Orne Jewett's novel, the Tory Lover. Grand parties were also held there. Mrs. Tyson-Vaughan established carriage trails and rode horseback through her beautiful woodland. She donated this property as a natural preserve to the State of Maine in honor of her deceased husband. This property is now called Vaughan Woods.

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