Safety Committee


The South Berwick Safety Committee is committed to maintain a safe work environment which actively involves all employees in identifying, preventing, and correcting workplace safety issues to reduce accidents and injuries. We are committed to the safety and welfare of all employees through prevention, education, and awareness with the ultimate goal for reducing or eliminating workplace accidents.

PURPORSE:  Maintain a safe work environment.
VISION:         Reducing and preventing injuries and accidents.
VALUES:        Using the collective knowledge of all town employees, working as a team to keep each other safe, we represent all departments, we supply education and awareness of safety throughout our local organization.

The Safety Committee consists of at least one person from each of the Town's 7 buildings. The committee is scheduled to meet Quarterly (January, April, July, and October) on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM in the Town Hall 1st floor meeting room.

The Safety Committee Members

Town Safety Officer Tim Pellerin, Town Manager
Fire Department Chief Hamel & Nick Charleston
Library Maureen Flanagan
Police Department Chief David Ruger
Public Works Nick Charleston
Recreation Nikki Drake, Recreation Director
Town Hall Jennifer Janelle, Assistant Town Manager
Town Hall Heather Stanley, Human Resources
Transfer Station Jeff Mowry, Supervisor

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