Room Reservations

Town Hall

In the Town Hall there are three rooms that can be reserved by certain individuals and/or organizations for Town-affiliate, Town-related, or community-related activities and/or events. (Cemetery Commission, Historic District Commission, Conservation Commission, Girl Scouts, Water & Sewer District)

The available rooms are:
  • 1st Floor Meeting Room- this room is set up for meetings and can accommodate up to 20 people.
  • Auditorium- located on the 3rd floor. This room is a large space and is typically used for training, meeting, or event for a larger group, and can accommodate up to 100 people. The Auditorium may not be used for active events.
The set up of the rooms may be modified for the requested meeting, but the requestor must return the room back to the original set up.
Catering is not typically allowed, but light refreshments can be placed in the 3rd floor kitchen, including the refrigerator. Food and drinks already located in the refrigerator are not to be used for events. These items typically belong to Town employees.

There is no charge for the use of the Town office rooms.

To reserve a room at Town Hall, please contact the Executive Assistant at (207) 384-3017 or via email
Room Reservation Request Form must be completed.

Community Center

Other individuals or organizations who want to request a room reservation for a personal event such as a baby shower, or a meeting or event that is not Town related, such as a Weight Watchers meeting, the individual should reach out to the Community Center, which is better equipped to accommodate catering, kitchen use, etc. The Community Center is located at 71 Norton Street.

To reserve a room at the Community Center, please contact Nicole Drake at (207) 384-3306.
Community Center Guidelines and Rental Agreement