The South Berwick Public Library hosts a digital collection of local yearbooks for South Berwick and Eliot. These comprise four distinct runs of yearbooks representing four high schools* that existed to educate local youth over the years.

No complete set of physical yearbooks exists in either public library in our school district and we are missing some years in the digital collection as well. The South Berwick Public Library is interested in donations of any local yearbooks from these schools and from St. Joseph’s Academy.

Yearbooks missing from this collection:

  • Quamphegan 1933-1940, 1943-1945, 1955-1960
  • Quill  1960-61, 1965-66
  • Reed 1973
  • Pioneer 1963
*In the mid 1750’s, district schools became numerous and eventually there were 14 district schools  teaching children grades 1-8 in one room schoolhouses throughout the village.

Berwick Academy was incorporated in 1791 and from 1886-1960, served as both a private college preparatory school and a  high school for residents of South Berwick.

South Berwick High School was built in 1960 and six years later, South Berwick and Eliot schools merged to form MSAD 35 (Maine School Administrative District) which is now RSU 35 (Regional School District).