Digital Resources

Digital Maine Library

The Digital Maine Library provides every resident of Maine with access to online resources that include a collection of full text articles and abstracts from magazines, newspapers, journals and reference. It also provides students, business people, public library patrons, and higher education students and educators the ability to use online learning tools.

Comics Plus

Free, unlimited comics and graphic novels. Available 24/7, on-the-go. Login with your library card here:

Cloud Library

Getting Started

To use the Cloud Library collection, you will need:

  • An active Library account in good standing and to know your library card number
  • A digital device that is compatible with the Cloud Library
  • Follow these directions:
Download the app

Download the Cloud Library app

Log into your library

Using the dropdown menu in the app, select your state, library, and enter your library ID and PIN (if required). Click agree to terms and log in.

Browse, Borrow, and Read

Now you are ready to browse, borrow and read eBooks from the Maine InfoNet Download Library

Choose streaming (this uses your data) or download and listen from your device.

Tip:  If you have placed holds and are waiting for an item don’t check out more than two other books so you will be able to download the hold when it is your turn.
How do I get a Library Card that will work with the Cloud Library?
Come into the library and open a new account or update your old account.
Which e-readers are compatible with the Cloud Library?
The Cloud Library website lists current compatible devices at the bottom of the Overview page. You can also download the free app from this same page.
Where can I see the Maine InfoNet Download Library's Cloud Library collection?
Once you have the app on your device, sign into the Cloud Library site and you will be automatically brought to our collection. The collection includes the items in the Maine Infonet Download Library shared collection and the Pay Per Use items the Friends of the South Berwick Library have sponsored for use by South Berwick Public Library patrons.
How long can I keep an item?
Our eBooks and eAudios check out for up to 21 days (3 weeks).
How many digital items can I have out at one time?
Is it possible to renew my items?
No. This is dictated by the publisher, not the library or vendor. However, the item can be checked back out again if there is no one waiting for it, and your device will remember where you left off.
Can I return an item early?
Yes.  Go to My Books to return (check in) the item.
What fines are associated with Cloud Library items?
None. At the end of the checkout period the book returns automatically and will no longer be on your account. If you transferred the book to a portable device from your computer, the file on that device will have expired after the “due date” and you will no longer be able to access it.
Can I keep track of what I read using the Cloud Library?
Yes. Reading history is automatically saved, but you can choose to opt out or delete it.
Can I save my bookmarks in the Cloud Library?
Yes. Bookmarks are saved in the Cloud Library. When you check out a book again that you have bookmarked previously, your bookmarks will reappear.
Hold (Reserves)
Why do I have to wait for some digital items?
The current model used by publishers dictates that eBooks and eAudiobooks be treated in the same way we lend physical items, which results in a one-copy/one user model in the Maine Infonet Download Library.

Items in the Pay Per Use collection are simultaneous use, which means there is no waiting as the library pays for these items as you borrow them.
How many holds can I have?