Touring Counting House Museum

Harland Goodwin, who is on the Board of Directors for the Old Berwick Historical Society, offered the Town of South Berwick employees an opportunity to tour Counting House Museum. We were all very excited to get this exclusive tour with Nicole St. Pierre (President), Jane Orr (Treasurer), and Harland.

Norma Keim, who is on the Board of Directors and also the archivist was able to give us a quick history on the beautiful old map that hangs on the wall by the main entrance and the massive slab of wood on display beside it . 
20230522_132436                          slab-1
Pascatway River in New England by I:S
Attributed to Colonel John Scott of Long Island, c. 1665
Watercolor and ink on vellum
Courtesy The British Library Board

This map is the earliest detailed view of the Piscataqua region.

South Berwick is so rich with history and you could tell how much Norma, Harland, Nicole, and Jane appreciate South Berwick, how it began, and teaching that history to all.
Harland              20230522_133311

The Counting House Museum is located on the banks of the Salmon Falls River, beside a mill dam that powered the looms of the nineteenth-century cotton textile factory. Exhibits in the former mill office (where the "counters" were located) include displays of the way life was lived in the first century. You will learn of the people, land, and trades of the time.
display room                            weaver                                                 loom

                                      2nd floor                                      boat

The 2nd floor has displays on shoemaking, small business, maritime trade, farming, and sawmilling. You will also experience the hall where the town would gather and currently set up for teaching.

We encourage you all to visit this beautiful, informative, and educational building.

The Counting House Museum's opening day is June 3rd 1:00 pm-3:00 pm. Footprints of the Past: Local Textiles and they have a lot of fun treats planned.  You will see workers and mill girls walking around. The ground will be staked out where the original buildings were on the land. Explore the footprints of the people and buildings of the past in the textile industry, from farm to factory. This event will feature conversations with character actors, demonstrations, short tours, images and other activities designed to deepen the understanding and appreciation of our local history.

All this history takes a lot of time, volunteers, and money.
Becoming a member is their largest source of financial support. visit their website to join.

You can also buy merchandise in support while at the museum.
              tshirts                              books

Museum Hours:
Saturdays and Sundays June through October 1:00 - 4:00
Year round by appointment
Admission is by donation.