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The mission of the South Berwick Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our community by working in partnership with the public and in accordance with the United States Constitution, the Constitution of the State of Maine, and the Ordinances of our Town. Therefore, we will fairly and impartially enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide a safe environment for all.

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Chief David Ruger

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(207) 384-2254
Option 1 for 24-hour Dispatch Center.
Option 2 for Police Administrative Office.
Option 3 for Dial by Name to reach an employee's voicemail.

(207) 384-3305


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Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Control

Animal Control
Carol Harris
Animal Control Officer

1 Farmgate Rd
South Berwick, ME 03908

(207) 384-2254

Title 7 is the section of Maine Law that is dedicated to animal welfare.
The most common complaints received by the Animal Control Officer (ACO) are loose dogs or cats, and barking dogs.

Section 3911 Dogs not to run at large.

Requires dogs be leashed. The Town of South Berwick also has an ordinance that allows the dog to be off leash while it is within the confines of its owner or keepers property. Once the dog leaves the property it is considered to be at large. Violation of this is decided by a judge at York District Court. It will be in the range of $25.00 to $100.00

Section 3921 License necessary.

The State of Maine requires all dogs that are six months of age and older be licensed. By requiring a license, we are able to assure the public that a threat of rabies is kept under control. We can also save the owner or keeper from worrying about their dog if it should become lost. The ACO will reference the tag number to the owner and call them so they may become reunited. After January 1st but within ten (10) days the owner or keeper must license the dog. A current rabies (and if the dog has been spayed/neutered) certificate are needed to receive a license.

Violation of this is decided by a judge at York District Court. It will be in the range of $100.00

Section 3923B Tags.

Without a tag number the ACO will bring the dog to the shelter. This will become costly to the owner. The first time the Town will charge $25.00 and then you will have to pay the shelter charges. There is also a fine for not having a license tag and rabies tag on the dog. The second time the fee for the Town is doubled.

Violation of this is decided by a judge at York District Court. It will be in the range of $100.00

Section 4041 Animal trespass.

When the dog goes on the property of another person it is considered Animal Trespass.

Violation of this is decided by a judge at York District Court. It will be in the range of $500.00

Section 3961 Reimbursement for damage done by dogs.

While the animal is trespassing it causes damage, the owner or keeper of the animal is responsible for all the damage.

License Fees if re-licensed before January 1st:

  • Dogs and Wolf hybrids that are capable of producing young- $11.00
  • Dogs and Wolf hybrids that are not capable of producing young- $6.00

License fees after January 31st require a late fee of $25.00 in addition to the license.

If a dog is not licensed, the owner or keeper is subject to a summons which could result in a court appearance and a fine of $61.50

Maine Alcohol Laws

Maine Alcohol Laws
Information provided by the Bureau of Highway Safety and Bureau of Liquor Enforcement.

Alcohol Beverages Educational Links


State OUI Statute

Maine Vehicle Registration

Maine Vehicle Registration
The Town of South Berwick participates in the State of Maine's online registration program for vehicles previously registered with the town. This program allows for 24/7 registration services for those that are unable to make it to the townhall to re-register their vehicles. Click here for more information.

Maine Out of State Registration

The South Berwick Police Department wants to remind all residents of the town, that within 30 days of establishing residency from another state, you must obtain a Maine driver's license and Maine vehicle registrations. According to Title 29-A, Section 514 of the Maine Motor Vehicle Statutes, unless you meet one of the following three exemptions for your registration, you are in violation of this law. A violation will result in a $926.00 fine, and your name being sent to the Maine State Tax Assessor for further investigation. The three recognized exemptions are as follows:

  1. Active-duty Military members with an out of state "Home of Record"
  2. Students attending an in-state college or university.
  3. Company vehicles registered to an out-of-state business used for business purposes only.

Members of the community are encouraged to report potential violators to Sgt. Philip Moore of the South Berwick Police Department at (207) 384-2254.

For other laws that you may have questions about, please go to:

Concealed Firearms Permit Application

Concealed Firearms Permit Application


Full-Time Officers

  • Chief David Ruger
  • Lieutenant Scott Stephens
  • Sergeant Philip Moore
  • Detective Sergeant Tim Niehoff
  • Patrol Officer David Arsenault
  • Patrol Officer/School Resource Officer Jason MacLeod
  • Patrol Officer Dan Aguilera
  • Patrol Officer Jason Legendre
  • Patrol Officer Anthony DiLisio
  • Patrol Officer Eric Bourn
Part-Time Officers

  • Reserve Sergeant Jeff Pelkey
  • Community Officer Harvey Barr
  • Patrol Officer John Sprouse
  • Patrol Officer Ryan Larose
  • Civilian Animal Control Officer Carol Harris

Administrative Staff

  • Administrative Secretary Bridget Pote
  • Operations Specialist Wendy Morrison

Police Links

Police Links

South Berwick Police Forms

South Berwick Police Forms
Just click the form you want to use, fill the form out, and either drop the filled-out form by the Police Department or e-mail it to: southberwickpd@sbpd.us


Communications Center/Dispatch Center

The South Berwick Police Department began contracting with Sanford Regional Communications Center for our communications needs in August 2018.

They answer our emergency and non-emergency phone lines as well as communicate with our police personnel via radios.

To report both emergency and non-emergency incidents please call (207) 384-2254 and select option #1.

Town Ordinances

Town Ordinances
Vehicles and Traffic
Article III
Parking, Standing, and Stopping

Please click HERE for the most recent version of the ordinance.

Victim/Witness Services

Victim/Witness Services
Information provided By the Maine Association of Victim Witness Advocates.

Throughout the United States, victims of crime are beginning to find out that the "system" does care about their losses and suffering. The needs of witnesses, too, are being addressed in recognition of the stress, inconvenience, and financial losses that people who observe crimes often experience.

Victim Witness Assistance Programs provide support in dealing with the inconvenience and anxiety of going to court, and understanding the often confusing procedures of the criminal justice process.

If you wish to receive all the services to which you are entitled as a crime victim you must contact the Victim Witness Advocate indicated on this pamphlet AND keep them informed of your current address and phone number.

Services Provided

  • Information about the court process.
  • Information about victim's rights.
  • Assistance in applying for victim compensation.
  • Notification of court hearings and sentencing.
  • Support within the court system on behalf of victims of crime. 
  • Referral and information about the State and local resources that provide additional services.
  • Assistance in return of property and restitution.
  • Filing notification of release requests with Department of Corrections.

Witness Guidelines

  1. Always tell the truth.
  2. Be prepared to tell what happened, but don't try to memorize your testimony.
  3. Listen carefully to the question and think before answering. If you don't understand the question, ask for it to be repeated or explained.
  4. Do not guess. If you don't understand the question, ask for it to be repeated or explained.
  5. Speak loudly and clearly.
  6. Look at the person asking the questions while you are testifying.
  7. Stop speaking if the judge interrupts or if an attorney objects to a question.
  8. Be courteous. Don't argue with an attorney, even if he/she acts discourteously or offensively.
  9. Dress neatly and appropriately.
  10. Stay calm.
Victim's Rights

Victims of crime are entitled to the following basic rights:

  • To be treated with dignity and respect.
  • To be assisted by criminal justice agencies.
  • To be informed about the criminal justice system.
  • Whenever practicable, to be notified of plea agreements, and the right to comment on them.
  • Whenever practicable, to be notified all judicial proceedings, including time and place of trial.
  • Whenever practicable, to be notified of the proposed dismissal or filing of a complaint, information, or indictment before the action is taken.
  • To have input in sentencing.
  • To request restitution.
  • To request compensation from the Victim Compensation Board for un-reimbursed medical and medically related expenses for victims of violent crimes upon request to the Department of Corrections.
  • To be notified of defendant's release from institutional confinement in all felony cases.
  • To be provided with a pamphlet containing certain statutes which pertain to victim's rights.

Resources and Phone Numbers

Androscoggin District Attorney: Auburn: (207) 784-1397
Aroostook District Attorney: Caribou: (207) 498-2557 / Houlton: (207) 532-4294
Cumberland District Attorney: Portland: (207) 871-8384
Franklin District Attorney: Farmington: (207) 778-5890
Hancock District Attorney: Ellsworth: (207) 667-4621
Kennebec District Attorney: Augusta: (207) 623-1156
Knox District Attorney: Rockland: (207) 594-0424
Lincoln District Attorney: Wiscasset: (207) 882-7312
Oxford District Attorney: South Paris: (207) 743-8282
Penobscot District Attorney: Bangor: (207) 942-8552
Piscataquis District Attorney: Dover-Foxcroft: (207) 564-2181
Sagadahoc District Attorney: Bath: (207) 443-8204
Somerset District Attorney: Skowhegan: (207) 474-2423
Waldo District Attorney: Belfast: (207) 338-2512
Washington District Attorney: Machias: (207) 225-4425 / Calais: (207) 454-3159
York District Attorney: Alfred: (207) 324-8001 / Biddeford: (207) 282-3006 / Springvale: (207) 324-1174
Office of the Attorney General: Augusta: (207) 626-8515 & (207) 626-8500
National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-452-SAFE
Maine Dept. of Human Services: 1-800-452-1999
Maine Victim's Compensation Program: 1-800-903-7882
Maine Department of Corrections Victim Information: 1-800-968-6909
U.S. Attorney-Victim Witness Coordinator: 1-800-984-6377

The Yellow Dot Program

The Yellow Dot Program
5102014_104653_0The Yellow Dot Program is a free program to assist first responders in the first “golden hour” after a crash or medical emergency. Placing the yellow dot sticker in the lower left corner of your vehicle’s rear window notifies first responders that there is vital medical information in the vehicle’s glove box. This information is extremely important when a person is in medical distress and cannot speak to the first responders.

Each Yellow Dot envelope contains a personal information sheet and a yellow window decal. There should be one personal information sheet for every person that regularly uses the vehicle. Fill the sheet out with pencil to allow for easy updating whenever medical information changes. Store the information sheets in the yellow envelope and keep in glove compartment of the vehicle. Personal information sheets can be printed by clicking here. Full packets can be picked up at any of the participating agencies listed:

South Berwick Police Dept.
1 Farmgate Rd
South Berwick
Fire Dept.
71 Norton Street
South Berwick Rescue
71 Norton Street
Berwick Police Dept.

20 Wilson Street
Berwick Fire Dept.

3 Public Safety Way