South Berwick's Full Revaluation is Underway

KRT Appraisal began measuring and listing in the downtown area at the end of February.

Properties are selected in batches of up to 300 and postcards are mailed in the corresponding batches. 

The next round of postcards notifying residents of a site visit for the Town's Revaluation have been sent, please see the list of streets below. The process by KRT Appraisal entails a knock on the door, a request for an interior walk-through, measuring the buildings and taking photos of the front and rear of the exterior of the building only.

Berwick Road, Birch Drive, Bittersweet Lane, Colcord Street, Dawson Street, Demers Lane, Echo Hill Drive, Front Street, Goodwin Street, Great Works Drive, High Street, Highland Ave, Hill Drive, Jewett Ave, Norton Street, Paul Street, Railroad Ave, Ross Street, Spillane’s Hill, Spring Street, Stevens Street, Tibbetts Street, Union Street, and Wadleigh Lane.

South Berwick Assessing staff will be continuing work to assess changes to properties that have had permits issued in the last couple years. 
If members of the public have any questions, please contact the Assessing Office at 207-384-3010.

Pictures of staff and their vehicles are listed on the Assessing page under KRT Revaluation Staff. 
The staff also has Town provided badged with their photo, name and the back is signed by the Town Manager.

The Assessing office is fielding many questions regarding the Revaluation. 
A common one is:  “If the KRT Appraiser is at my property and I am not home or it’s not a good time to let them inside, can I schedule an appointment?”  During this phase of the project, KRT is not scheduling appointments.  Any properties in which a complete measure and list inspection was not completed will be included in a 2nd mailing at the end of the project, inviting them to call the KRT office to schedule an appointment.